Dispensaries that accept bitcoin

Dispensaries that accept bitcoin

I can tell you how much Bitcoin we own. I've never stopped to contemplate the current value of the 4 dispensaries. Give me a sec, OK?” His gaze was fixed at the kitchen, He further hesitated, and finally said, “Well, I probably net around, give or take, $50 million a year. Depending on the valuation multiplier, the value of the  bitcoin images hd Oct 18, 2013 The Cheese Wizards are receiving one or two bitcoin payments per hour at their mobile grilled cheese sandwich vanMar 23, 2017 Two months ago Bitcoincom reported on the State of Washington giving marijuana dispensaries approval to accept bitcoin for cannabis sales Now, thanks to a fintech startup called  best bitcoin startups 14 Dec 2017 There has been a lot of debate in recent months over the stability of cryptocurrency, however many people in the cannabis industry believe it could offer a solution to current financial barriers. A few marijuana dispensaries have already started accepting bitcoin as a viable payment option for customers. bitcoin hard drive thrown away 7 Jun 2017 Until the cannabis industry becomes bankable in the U.S., an easy-to-deploy and simple-to-use means of accepting bitcoin payment could be the golden ticket for which marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis businesses have been waiting. Editorial Sources: (1) : 19 Mar 2014 One of PotCoin's developers, who asked to only be identified as “mrjones,” told The Huffington Post that his partners expect their digital currency to be accepted as legitimate across the marijuana industry, from growers and dispensaries in Colorado or Vancouver, to cafes in Amsterdam, to buy cannabis and 

HempCoin was among the first 30 currencies developed in 2014 and is a highly focused digital currency for the Agriculture/Farming Industry and Marijuana/Hemp Industry, built on the source of Bitcoin, its use includes the Marijuana dispensaries and the entire Agriculture/Farming trade business. Myriad @ The #Hempcoin  ufasoft bitcoin miner exe 10 Jun 2017 US federal law, which states that 'marijuana' is illegal to manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess, prohibits banks and credit unions from taking these proceeds and thereby prevents cannabis dispensaries from accepting payments through credit or debit cards issued by banks. Due to federal law,  winklevoss bitcoin exchange 10 Oct 2017 Thanks to the help of the development team at PotWallet and General Bytes, the world's second biggest Bitcoin ATM provider, PotCoin can now be integrated and accepted at close to 800 locations worldwide, with an estimated 1300 by the end of 2017! General Bytes only supports a handful of currencies,  how to mine bitcoins alone Ethereum dark news - Visit Delphi Greece5 hours ago Investor ideas, stock news, research for biotech, bitcoin, blockchain, cannabis, defense, mining, tech, AI, IoT, water stocks, renewable energy, 100% of Bitcoin Beyond, a premier platform that enables retail merchants to accept bitcoin payments using their existing web-enabled point-of-sale device.

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Often times, people do not know what to expect when they hear the words 'cannabis dispensary”, or when they have to deal with one. A cannabis dispensary is a legalized specially designated location where medical marijuana is sold. Find this Pin and more on mmj furniture by chellbell4371. Behold, 7 Visually Pleasing 12 Feb 2014 With many North American banks refusing to take part in legal marijuana sales in Washington and Colorado, Bitcoin would appear to offer an obvious a prominent Bitcoin payment processor based in San Francisco, has refused a partnership with Kouchlock Productions, a marijuana dispensary in  can i cancel a bitcoin transaction While it has yet to be accepted as a standard, Bitcoin is already starting to work its way into the cannabis industry. There are a handful of dispensaries in Colorado and Washington that accept Bitcoin in lieu of credit and debit cards, and there are several online seed and delivery services that offer discounts for paying with 5 Nov 2016 Aside from having a birthday on 4/20, the 38-year old Colorado native was also the first female dispensary owner in the state, ran a covert coffee shop With no way to accept online payment for her online hemp business, PayPal had effectively destroyed Carpio's ability to make a living for six months. why you should invest in bitcoin Savvy Legalizing marijuana on the state level in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and elsewhere has presented one big challenge: How do customers pay for it? With most credit card companies staying far, far away from the sale of marijuana, some dispensaries have turned to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to conduct sales. how to fake a bitcoin payment 15% Coupon Code if you pay with Bitcoin. January 7, 2018 0. 0. In case you didn't know, we accept Bitcoins and now we are giving you a reason to start paying with it. Been living under a rock […] HempCoin (THC). HempCoin was among the first 30 currencies developed in 2014 and is a highly focused digital currency for the Agriculture/Farming Industry and Marijuana/Hemp Industry, built on the source of Bitcoin, its use includes the Marijuana dispensaries and the entire Agriculture/Farming trade business.

19 Jan 2018 The FlipCoin application, which has been in development for over six months, is expected to go live in the next three weeks and will allow dispensaries to be able to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin as payment. Along with Future Farm's current portfolio of projects, New England CCS 19 Jan 2018 While Canada's federal government may be preparing to legalize the sale and use of cannabis throughout the country, dispensaries around the world still face challenges when conducting everyday business practices as simple as advertising their products, banking or even accepting credit card payments. bitcoin trading fees 14 Sep 2017 Even as states legalize, cash remains the main payment optio for weed. At Essence Vegas Cannabis Dispensary, a customer makes a buy after the start of recreational marijuana sales began on July 1, 2017 in Las Vegas. Ethan Miller/Getty Images. Bitcoin was the original cryptocurrency, the first money ~30/01/2018~ K?KF BTC faucet sites. BTC mining disadvantages mbcc bitcoin The Bitcoin Dispensary is now available at Crabtree Valley Mall! Stop by this new ATM to purchase Bitcoins! shopping sites that accept bitcoin 26 Jan 2017 “There's no tracking of cryptocurrency,” said Rivers, whose bill prohibits marijuana producers, processors or retail outlets from “paying with or accepting virtual currency for the purchase Coindesk reports that marijuana dispensaries in Washington state were early to adopt bitcoin in financial transactions.Buy top shelf cannabis with cash, bitcoin,and ripple. My prime bud is real marijuana, no medical card needed. Safe, secure anonymous.

15 Apr 2015 Reports Bitcoin ATMs and Vending Machines a New Trend with Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Nowadays, however, bitcoins are slowly being accepted as a form of payment in brick and mortar establishments. According to the Huffington Post, digital currencies could potentially 27 Mar 2017 For merchants Posabit offers an easier way to accept credit card and bitcoin payments at their dispensaries. And, in addition to this, it reduces the high volume of cash transactions which can oftentimes be dangerous for shop employees. Posabit works by allowing users to purchase bitcoin with a regular  how safe is bitcoin mining 5 days ago “Enforcement action can take many different roles. If a bylaw investigation results in charges, we could ask the courts for an injunction and an enforcement order on the injunction to close the business,” Haye said. Both Best Buds dispensaries in Saskatoon have business licences for specialty health and 3 Oct 2017 Potcoin, however, offers dispensaries and cannabis companies a lawful way to bypass cash and remove the problem of banking while simultaneously participating in the new digital economy. One of the biggest fears about accepting cryptocurrencies at the retail level is the incredible amount of volatility. how are bitcoins worth anything =87190/‎ 67 bitcoin The bitcoin dispensaryOne point to note is that PotCoin claims transaction speeds of 40 seconds, which are pretty impressive compared to those for Bitcoin. Market Cap: $15.2 million. CannabisCoin (CANN). CannabisCoin is the payment solution for marijuana dispensaries, retailers and merchants and is backed by marijuana where it is accepted 

You deal with them to buy bitcoins that you transfer immediately into your personal bitcoin wallet. You finally use these bitcoins to shop at mail order dispensary or any other stores that accepts bitcoin (thousands of stores around the world and web). Welcome to Mail Order Dispensary! We offer a quick, safe and discreet way The money was promised to his mom first, so she should get it, but because the transaction didn't update electronically or took time to clear or he acted nefariously, he ended up spending his money twice, and now the local dispensary is out $50 worth of brownies. Account Balance Alice 10 Bob 20 Celso 9999 … … Bitcoin  how to import private key bitcoin Unlike most dispensaries, we ship anywhere in the World Wide giving pot-heads a chance to smoke weed from different sellers discreetly. We accept a number of different payments options like the Western-Union, Gift-Cards(iTunes or Amex ONLY!) Perfect Money, Money-Gram and Bitcoins(preferred-anonymous). To learn 7 Nov 2017 And Bitcoin can be converted to cash on the net, Bitcoin Debit cards can be used where Visa is accepted! . Washington State, digital cryptocurrency bitcoin is being used as an intermediary that's allowing consumers with bank-issued debit and credit cards to legally purchase marijuana in dispensaries.". how to start a bitcoin mining pool International bank transfers sometimes require an in-person visit to a local branch, fees can exceed $40, and it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days for As legalization spreads and more dispensaries open, it could open the door for more Bitcoin ATMS and more widespread access to cryptocurrency for the  exchange bitcoin for litecoin 15 Aug 2017 SinglePoint recently purchased $Weed from First Bitcoin Capital and will incorporate this cannabis-specific cryptocurrency into its bitcoin solution, so cannabis dispensaries and consumers can accept/use either bitcoin, $Weed coin or both. The recent initial coin offering (ICO) launch for the $Weed Pay in Store. Add your Credit or Debit Card information to your account and start using the GreenMed app to pay electronically at your local dispensary. No need for cash anymore. You just need your cellphone and GreenMed.

15 Jan 2014 With banks refusing to accept marijuana dispensaries' cash, bitcoin ATMs could provide much needed security for owners.31 Oct 2017 The new bitcoin exchange being developed by SinglePoint will enable cannabis businesses to deploy a user-friendly method of accepting credit and debit SinglePoint's solution will further aid cannabis dispensaries by enabling them to upload inventory-related information, like product descriptions and  bitcoin worth investing in 16 Apr 2014 Bitcoin has long been favored by the rapidly growing medical marijuana community, allowing legal dispensaries a means of moving moving funds while blocked from the banking system by federal law. Although those restrictions are easing, many legal marijuana businesses are still dubious about using Establish Marijuana Dispensary Online Store + domain name www bitcoin and markets 25 Mar 2017 Since then the startup Posabit, a credit-card-to-bitcoin payment processor, has begun operating with four city dispensaries that sell marijuana. The pot outlets operating with the Posabit system embody the Queen Anne Cannabis Company, Herb's House, Greener these days, and 3 Uncle Ike's locations. bitcoin exchange got hacked Posabit kiosk - Broet2 Jan 2018 California legalises weed - but Los Angeles' medical dispensaries have been left dazed and confused. California pot LA officials announced late last month that the city will not begin accepting licence applications until January 3, and it might take weeks before any are issued. The bitcoin party is over.

There are thousands of merchants worldwide who now accept Bitcoin and they can be found in directory listing sites. How to buy bitcoins worldwide Buying Reddit Gold with bitcoin. that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf e Cannabis Dispensaries Accepting Bitcoin for Pot Sales. 2017. Two months ago. a few 7 Oct 2014 In September, East Vancouver's Mega Chill became the first marijuana dispensary in Canada to accept Bitcoin. Co-owner Matt Jung is also one of the proprietors of Mega Ill (646 Kingsway), the pizzeria next door that caters to medical-marijuana users. Jung told the Straight Mega Ill is closed for renovations  mining bitcoin means 14 Apr 2017 I am not sure how many of you are both Bitcoin-holders and medical or recreational cannabis users. If you fall into that category though please ask the dispensary that you visit if they accept Bitcoin. I have spoken to about 20 dispensaries and 18 of them said if people wanted them to accept Bitcoin, they 17 Apr 2014 Because the United States government still considers marijuana to be illegal, dispensaries operating in Colorado have been unable to accept federally-backed credit cards. “Providing a payment facility that has a super-low cost to it, like Bitcoin, is an effective way to provide these guys – dispensaries and  how to buy stuff using bitcoin 26 Apr 2017 What is extremely positive is that there are now friendly websites that accept Bitcoin without the buyer having to go into the dark web, where things can get messy. Bitcoin provides solutions to some of the financial problems that companies face, as well as expanding the platform on which marijuana can be  bitcoin risk factors 14 Jul 2017 SinglePoint recently joined forces with First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (OTC: BITCF) to develop a proprietary bitcoin payment solution that can be downloaded directly to any point-of-sale machine, enabling marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis businesses to accept debit and credit card payments.Only requests for donations to large, recognized charities are allowed, and only if there is good reason to believe that the person accepting bitcoins on behalf of the charity is trustworthy. News articles that do not contain the word "Bitcoin" are usually off-topic. This subreddit is not about general financial 

19 Jan 2017 Even in states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana, banks are unwilling to do business with marijuana companies since weed remains illegal under federal law. That means dispensaries and growers can end up handling large sums of cash, which can attract violent crime, sometimes with 5 Feb 2015 The machines, called ZaZZZ, whose first debut in Colorado was reported by CoinTelegraph back in April, 2014, are now being installed in medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle, Washington. The units accept bitcoin by displaying a QR-code on its native touchscreen and are manufactured by American  bitcoin active chart 13 Jun 2017 Or the buyer can keep their bitcoin and use it anywhere else that accepts the currency. . could enlighten me and a lot of this industry on bitcoin being a feasible payment option, but we just don't see it,” said Demers, a franchisee of Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc., which leases space to pot dispensaries.5 days ago Since marijuana dispensaries are restricted from the banking sector, they have tried to use other non-cash payment methods, but they have not had too much success in the adoption of these new Marijuana businesses still accept also Bitcoin more than other cryptocurrencies due to its popularity. But with  how much is 1 in bitcoin Washington state lawmakers have put forth a bill that would make it illegal for dispensaries to accept BitCoin or any other digital currency. bitcoin norway 1/10th of the Explore our CannabisCoin Bitcoin sentiments summary and examine the CANN BTC scoreboard for this currency pair. co/IwhKHraLpg #marijuana All that is required from the creators - and stock up on medical marijuana does not take investors willing to buy the product for cryptocurrency. waqas aziz on Police release bodycam footage of Oklahoma marijuana raid | World

11 Dec 2017 “Bitcoin has risen 1500% this year, about 85% in the last few weeks and Futures contracts open as of yesterday . With Cannabis legal in about 29 states, and Canada making recreational Marijuana legal, both industries are now mainstream. Payment solutions are needed for dispensaries and customers so Zenises is the First Tyre Company in the World to Accept Bitcoin best way to profit from bitcoin Future Farm Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Blockchain Cry3 Jan 2018 It was designed to solve banking problems for people looking to transact in legal marijuana. The currency was looking to capitalize on Colorado's legalization of marijuana and even installed a PotCoin ATM at a marijuana dispensary in Colorado. (Related: Pot Industry Turns to Bitcoin as Banks Snub Them). tradehill bitcoin 6 Jan 2018 Not only that, carrying large amounts of cash poses huge security issues for marijuana dispensaries. Yes, Bitcoin has become widely popular, but there some alternative cryptocurrencies specifically targeting the cannabis industry. However, cryptocurrencies are providing solutions to some of these  cex bitcoin wallet 21 Apr 2016 Bitcoin and blockchain technology have actually found its way into the marijuana industry with some very interesting companies “hiding” in the shade till the Serica uses the blockchain in order to track and record every purchase of medical marijuana providing businesses an easy way to accept payments If you're up to it, we accept Bitcoin as a method to donate. Donating to MMP Directory will keep the website at top speed and free up time to add more information. Ever little bit helps! 35cvrS3Dv8YuNPf4egYLW5rpUUK66dWiLQ. NJ Dispensary. Breakwater Treatmeant · Compassionate Care Foundation · Compassionate 

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PLEASE NOTE: Very recently Coinbase has begun offering Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as Bitcoin (BTC). They are not the same thing! We accept Bitcoin (BTC) ONLY and if you try to send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the wallet address we provide you, you will be THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY. We are reprogramming our 28 Jan 2015 says Klamka, who calls his bitcoin payment system “bitMD.” As the name of his service indicates, he envisions pharmacies signing on to accept bitcoin payments for prescriptions and medical testing services. The dispensary gets a percentage of the sales from the bitcoin ATM machine, Klamka says. bitcoin flapper 26 Jun 2017 Now that you can legally purchase medical cannabis and know how to get it, take advantage of this unrivaled list of California dispensaries and delivery services that are open 24 hours, to ensure that you'll never go without your meds. We'll start with cannabis dispensary storefront locations that are open Discreet & Odorless Xpresspost. Fastest weed shipping within Canada. Track your delivery and parcel status online. We also ship to FlexDelivery addresses. We accept Bitcoin  using raspberry pi to mine bitcoins 14 Jul 2017 We currently only accept payment via EMT and Bitcoin, and ship via Canada Post directly to your door. Can I order larger amounts then what's listed on the site? No. There's a 2 ounce maximum limit per order. If you would like to purchase more then 2 ounces at a time, you can place multiple separate  expedia pay in bitcoin Canada's Best Online Dispensary! Premium online dispensary in Canada specializing in mail order marijuana. The Only Place to Buy Weed Online at Low Prices.10 Feb 2014 Companies dealing in Bitcoin and marijuana have something in common: rejection from banks. Bit-entrepreneurs scare banks due to the intense regulation around money transmitting and the perfume of illegality that hovers around the virtual currency. Pot shops can't get green lit for bank accounts 

29 May 2015 His company, Liberty Vending, has since shifted its focus to retrofitting merchandise vending machines to accept bitcoin. Despite the uncertainties, digital currency He has placed a bitcoin ATM at one dispensary and is in the process of placing another two in the Grand Rapids area. When Colorado and That's because while recreational marijuana is now available for sale through dispensaries in three states - Colorado, Oregon, Washington – as well as the District Because pot isn't federally legal, they can't take the sort of deductions available to most businesses. Related Article: How to Take Bitcoin at Your Business. bitcoin gold vs litecoin 6 Jan 2016 Hayner. Trees is not the only cannabis related company to experiment with bitcoin. In April this year, American Green Inc., the first publicly traded medical marijuana dispensary brand in the world, announced that their Zazzz vending machine, which sells marijuana products, will accept bitcoin as payment.21 Jun 2017 Shaun Gindi, CEO and co-owner of Colorado dispensary Ajoya, is one of the lucky ones who has a business bank account, but getting it required a lot The blockchain, which makes up an online ledger where transactions made in digital currencies like bitcoin are recorded and processed, has become a  linode bitcoin 6 hours ago The landlord opted to terminate the lease in September 2017, but the dispensary society objected, with LaForge claiming in an affidavit that “the Landlord 'does not really take issue with my use of the Premises but is simply looking for a way to terminate the Lease in anticipation of the pending sale' of the  how to sell bitcoin on blockchain 24 Apr 2014 In fact, one Reddit community member, who claimed to be a dispensary owner, went so far as to say he “would never accept PotCoin.” There are also issues with volatility when it comes to any cryptocurrency, as proven by Bitcoin exchange services like Mt. Gox, which filed for and received bankruptcy 12 Jan 2014 At least one marijuana dispensary in Colorado has reportedly begun accepting bitcoin. Colorado's decision to legalize cannabis has been filling headlines for weeks, and the hype is still going strong. Investors have been piling up in the marijuana market, ranging from reputable medicinal marijuana 

19 Nov 2017 Why You Should Buy Weed With Bitcoins. As marijuana legalization spreads, cannabis is rapidly becoming mainstream, but there's still enough of a counter-culture vibe left to give. Read More Jun 9, 2017 This week Bitcoincom spoke with Justin Nahin, the founder of Indospaceio a payment platform startup connecting cannabis dispensaries with bitcoin automated menu and checkout system Do you think more dispensaries will accept bitcoin going forward Let us know in the comments section belowJun 13, 2017  kingdom trust bitcoin Easily 6 Jan 2016 Going by the latest figures for 2015, upto and including October, Colorado has collected nearly US$110m in total Marijuana Taxes, Licenses, and Fees medical marijuana dispensary brand in the world, announced that their Zazzz vending machine, which sells marijuana products, will accept bitcoin as 9 18 Jun 2015 His intention is to make gold, and perhaps other metals down the line, “spendable”: just as some retailers now accept Bitcoin, the hayek would be a medium for transactions, rather than just PotCoin aspires to serve an emerging, well-heeled and unbanked demographic: medical marijuana dispensaries. bitcoin current statistics 19 Jan 2017 Manager Ross Phillip stakes marijuana plants in a flower room at the grow facility for Sense of Healing dispensary in Denver, Colorado, U.S., on Wednesday, Dec. Tokken uses bitcoin blockchain to peg marijuana transaction information to its blockchain so that banks and regulators have an immutable,  bitcoin price usd coingecko Police release bodycam footage of Oklahoma marijuana raid | News 8 May 2016 Find location of Lamassu Bitcoin ATM machine in Raleigh at 4325 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC 27612 United States.

Seed Supreme are happy to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. We know that souvenir seed collectors value their privacy and we think Bitcoin is the perfect payment option for buying seeds. Bitcoin is a digital currency that means you can make purchases without involving any bank, credit card or other 3rd party. The state 23 Mar 2016 The pot vending machine ZaZZZ, made by American Green in Arizona to go inside dispensaries, accepts cash along with bitcoin – the most well-known digital currency. Such encrypted, digital currencies can be converted into dollars, but are chiefly circulated outside traditional financial systems. Trees, a  bitcoin mining hack free download 3 days ago Like many pot shops in California, the Urbn Leaf in San Diego bulked up its inventory before legal sales began on Jan. 1, stockpiling enough marijuana to last for months because no one knew what the era of legal pot would bring.7 Feb 2014 Medical marijuana dispensary Kouchlock Productions, which opened on Monday February 3, began accepting bitcoin for its wares this week. The dispensary, based in Spokane, is said to already have sold the drug in several bitcoin transactions. In Washington State, medical dispensaries were legalized in  the impact of bitcoin RISE Research and Luminor Medical Technologies Announce bitcoin collateral 4 May 2017 In 1996, California became the first U.S. state to legalize medical marijuana… And stock market pundits have been predicting huge profits for pot investors…18 Sep 2014 - 4 min - Uploaded by MadBitcoinsSponsored by -- Earn Free Bitcoins from watching videos! Sponsor

13 Sep 2017 Yesterday, Sept. 12, Governor David Ige and state Financial Institutions Commissioner Iris Ikea of Hawaii, made a public announcement which is sure to please the dispensary owners in their state. Governor Ige announced a plan for the first state-authorized financial institution which allow cannabis We Accept Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. We are one of the only online Marijuana dispensaries in Canada accepting Bitcoin. Order with us for secure, and private, hassle free bitcoin purchases. buy luxury items with bitcoin For our North Las Vegas customers, we have a location to cater to your marijuana needs! Come in to see what strains and products we have in stock!10 Jun 2017 Colorado has 12, Washington State has 6 and California has 55, and most are located in cannabis dispensaries. NamasteVapes is the worlds largest international online vaporizer retailer, with the largest selection of portable and desktop vaporizers. They now accept Bitcoin payment at the going rate of the  how to buy stuff using bitcoin LAC is a medical marijuana dispensary located in the Korea Town / Echo Park, CA area. See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos. miner bitcoin free Medical marijuana makes its way to Portage County, but not yet to 14 Jun 2015 Pot Coins are designed to make legal and medical marijuana transactions easier for buyer and seller. They are digital currencies for the cannabis industry. Why not just use bitcoin instead? Bitcoin is already accepted at many medical marijuana dispensaries. Banks and credit card processors are hesitant to 

Metatron ($MRNJ) Integrates Secure Chat App, Marijuana/CBD App 24 Nov 2017 Online cannabis dispensaries are the latest to cash in on the holiday shopping frenzy, with some offering dramatic markdowns or novelty products as the season known for consumer spending gets underway. Several online cannabis stores are holding Black Friday sales for the first time this year in an effort  atm bitcoin montreal This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and secure. This means your connection is encrypted so hackers can't intercept any of your data. So you can shop here at Dank Nation Dispensary with confidence knowing that we have taken the necessary steps to protect you data 22 Oct 2017 Since the industry is forced to accept only cash for payments, marijuana dispensaries are an excellent target for robbers and thieves due to the large amount of Bitcoin transactions, by comparison, usually aren't considered fully “settled” until six confirmations are received, which can take an hour or more. twitch bitcoin donation 5 Jan 2018 Payment options for dispensaries? What options? If you're in the cannabis industry you are always looking for ways to take payments, we are always looking for ways to help you. mining bitcoin means AMA We are the Gorillaz Ask Us Anything - Swicons7 Dec 2017 How do I pay an online dispensary? We accept secure pot-payment using convenient Interac E-transfers. To inquire about paying with your credit card or even crypto currency like Bitcoin, you can email us at info@